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Honeymoon in Vegas

Woot!! Rob and I get to go on our honeymoon!

A few days ago, there was some question as to whether we'd be able to go to Las Vegas this coming weekend, but today we found out we get to go after all. Which leads me to suddenly wonder how we're going to accomplish what we need to accomplish in the next day or so.

So now we're leaving the day after tomorrow -- in fact, it'll probably be almost exactly 48 hours from now. We'll drive overnight and stay in the Stardust Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights, and drive back on Tuesday. We'll also be taking Wednesday off work to recover.

Yay for drinking and gambling!

The last time I was in Las Vegas, I went with two friends -- one of which was a boy I had no real interest in, but who occasionally decided we were soul mates and was always trying to find stealthy ways to profess his love. I've never been there with my actual soul mate before, so this is pretty exciting. I'm sure strolling through the casinos past crumpled-up strip-club fliers and old ladies playing nickle slots will be all kinds of romantic.

Last time I was there, my friend Kelly and I were out of money but incredibly thirsty, so we devised a plan to get free alcohol. We had a total of one dollar, and we were pretty sure the waitresses were only supposed to bring free drinks to people who were actually gambling. So we got quarters for the dollar and we each took 50 cents. Then we waited for a waitress to walk by and each dropped a quarter into a slot machine so we could pretend we were serious gamblers. The waitress took our orders and we sat on the stools chatting until we saw her coming back with our drinks. Then we each put another quarter in the slots and pretended we'd been gambling the whole time. Turns out the drinks we ordered (Cosmopolitan martinis) tasted like ass and we ended up leaving them on top of our slot machines and wandering off to find something else to do.

Yes, I am aware that that story was lame and that I'm a big dork.

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