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September in text messages (from me to Rob)

Sept. 10: "When we got home from lunch, I had to put Kaylee down and sprint for the bathroom to pee.  Kaylee didn't follow me, and I could hear her on the monitor talking to herself upstairs.  Then when I came around the corner, she was standing in the living room, naked except for the duck's rain hat (note: Kaylee has a large rubber ducky that wears a rain hat), holding the duck. She sees me and says, "Arrr!  I'm a pirate!"

Sept. 15: "I just took a shower and was about to dry my hair when I looked up to see Kaylee run past the bathroom door wearing nothing but a Santa hat, carrying two coathangers.  I wonder what her plans are."

Sept. 24: "Kaylee to Bella: Why you whining? You need a time out?  Go sit on the couch!"

Sept. 28: "Me: Big girls don't take binkies to the store. Kaylee: Darn it.  What the heck??"

Sept. 29: "We went to Kaylee's room for her nap, and Pablo (a stuffed animal based on a character from The Backyardigans) was lying on her pillow. So she says, 'Pablo's sleeping. We got to wait our turn.'  Nice try, kid."

Sept. 30: "I'm listening to a monologue: Daddy was like, I going to cry. He was sad, he wanted to go. He stopped crying. I was like, why you crying? He was like, I wanna cry. He like waa, waa, waaa."

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Naked pirate! Arrr!

October 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPam

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