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I can’t decide what to do with this blog.

I’m doing the Worst Job Ever updating it, and it costs $13.33 a month to keep it online.  Granted, I spend more than that on Diet Coke, so the expense isn’t a major issue.  But as often as I update, I might as well take that money, wad it up and throw it in the trash for all the good it does.  (Or if I wanted to put it to work for real, I could take the blog down and donate $13.33 to charity each month or give it to a homeless person … but that’s so much work and the trash can is right there.)

Do I keep the blog online so all of the internets (read: no one) can fondly recall that one span of a few years when I regularly wrote about my kids?

Do I take it down and feel guilty that all my loving chatter about my children is gone for good?  (The guilt, of course, is because I’m too lazy to have kept a baby book, so this is as good as they’re ever gonna get.)

Do I chatter some more and see if it becomes a creative outlet once again?

I can’t bring myself to shutter it for good right now.  But I don’t feel comfortable talking about my kids so openly anymore either.  Kaylee’s in school now and learning to read, and I can’t stand the thought of embarrassing her to her friends.  And I can’t write too much about school because so much of it involves patient care and there’s that whole HIPAA thing where I get kicked out of school and won’t be able to get a job if I violate it, so there’s not much to say there either.

But.  I haven’t been writing for myself for a really long time now, and that just feels wrong somehow.  So I guess I’ll try this blogging thing again and see if it sticks.  We’ll call this the Jackadillo Princess Grand Reopening Project -- Now With the Same Old Management and Even Fewer Ideas.

This was a good start, no?  I wrote more than 300 words and said almost nothing.  And isn’t that really what blogging’s all about?

Reader Comments (2)

The trash can is RIGHT THERE. :D

Try not to feel pressure about the blog being any one thing or another. Let it be whatever you need right now, and if that's just a static place you could write but don't have to, that's still a very valid thing to need. I'll still read no matter what.

July 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKate

The boat? We are in the very same one. If it wasn't for the baby I would not even be writing the one time a month I barely manage now. It's a super tricky road to navigate what is safe to say once kids get older and really not worth the headache of will s/he be mad if I share this? Will s/he be mad if I don't document it? Ugh. And yet? I just renewed for another year because I am powerless against GUILT and NOSTALGIA and I don't want to have to make this decision now.
In any case. Welcome back! I am so happy to read you and am bringing the proverbial giant scissors to cut the ribbon at your grand re-opening.

July 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterChristy

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